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Get The Message


  • Los Angeles based rock group Jessica Rose & The Upper Echelons are back in the studio with the Godfather of punk producer Geza X ( Black Flag , Dead Kennedys, Germs ) who achieved his greatest mainstream success with Meredith Brooks ( Bitch) .And they are working on some powerful message songs for the world. “The message is… love is the key to see us through” says Jessica Rose. The Upper Echelons are a pop/rock powerhouse representing a musical aesthetic we haven’t experienced en masse since the 70s: the family group. But a punk rock version. In fact think of them as The punk rock Partidges. In the 70’s real life nuclear families like The Jacksons, The Osmonds and The Cowsills—and The Cowsills’ TV counterparts The Partridge Family—were all the rage in the teen mags and on the pop charts.

All About the Petrella Family



  • Musically, there’s a catch, though--The Petrellas (dad Ben on guitar & bass, singer/songwriter daughter Jessica on keys, 2nd guitarist brother Louis on guitar & drums.) actually play their own instruments, write their own killer material and… have an edgy, cool punk rock attitude to spare. The old groups may have chewed pure pop bubblegum, but Jessica Rose & The Upper Echelons stir a dynamic and eclectic mix of the unique individual influences and vibes that each member brings to the band. 
  • Most people in the LA or San Diego music scene might know Ben as Wally World & King Neptune’s bass player but he is also the former lead guitarist for The Drive-Ins. He wrote all the songs for their album “ Movie Girls” together with ex This Kidz ( Stevie Salas Band) singer Randy Chaplin.
  • Jessica who sings lead also writes all her songs on keyboards. They started the band in 2009 when Jessica was only 18 and Louis was only 12.At 8 years old Louis could play every Green Day song on guitar & that created a real bond with his dad. It’s all about “ stickin’ it to the man” like Billy Joe Armstrong says They released an 11 song album entitled “ Don’t Kiss Her Face” which is available on cdbaby.com. They enjoyed a few years of gigging around LA & San Diego before Jessica got a scholarship to study ballet at Joffrey Ballet in New York. Ballet & Yoga ( She is a Yoga instructor also) are  her loves along with music.

Into The Future



  • Now in the Summer of 2018 they are releasing a 4 song EP “ Get The Message” “Echoes of War” , “ Whole World Blind” & “ Make A Wish”.” And with these songs we are hoping to stir up a positive emotion for people nowadays” says Jessica. “We have to get back to being decent with each other. There is too much hatred in the world.” Look for the EP on CDBABY.com and everywhere on the net.